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Integrative/Holistic Testing

At Northwest Behavioral Medicine (NBM) and Research Center, our psychiatric providers have attended U.S. accredited medical schools, post- graduate training programs, and are board- certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Some practitioners at NBM have received additional training in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, which is not a specialty recognized yet by the American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS), the gold standard at present through which most U.S. physicians are certified.

The American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) has created an extensive series of educational programs geared to training healthcare professionals in using scientifically validated, holistic and integrative medicine treatment modalities. They are establishing training fellowships to educate physicians and other healthcare providers as well.

Integrative and Holistic Physicians have a wide range of medical backgrounds, training, and attitudes toward traditional allopathic medicine. At Northwest Behavioral Medicine, we incorporate integrative and holistic therapies that have scientific validation to support their safe and effective use. First and foremost, we encourage healthy lifestyle changes including good nutrition, and physical activity, and incorporating activities that are rejuvenating through the week . We also believe that the path to mental and physical well-being includes a strong family, social, and spiritual foundation. While we often encourage and recommend nutritional supplements when appropriate for some of our patients, we do not believe these can replace healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Core Integrative and Holistic Philosophy Incudes

  1. Optimal physical and emotional health includes maintaining a healthy diet, physical activity, and social network.
  2. Mainstream Western medical therapies, (also know as allopathic medicine) are helpful and imperative in many physical and mental health conditions.
  3. Anyone suffering from a physical or mental health condition should be educated about validated, alternative therapies and be given the choice whether to incorporate them into their treatment regiment.
  4. hile we believe that a strong spiritual foundation can play a valuable role in one’s emotional well being, we do not advocate any specific religious practice or belief.
  5. Counseling is a critical component to treating and maintaining one’s mental health. There are many types of counseling and anyone with a mental health condition should know what types of counseling options are available that could best fit their needs.
  6. Psychiatric diagnosis as listed in the DSM-V are not typically helpful and are often inadequate in describing one’s mental health issues. We believe more in treating the whole person and their symptoms, not a “condition or diagnosis.”

Many people are referred to our practice specifically for medication management of mental health problems. We are well trained and experienced in providing evaluation and management with traditional medical therapies. However, an integrative and holistic assessment usually takes more time and involves a more thorough life style review than is done in a typical medical diagnostic evaluation. Insurance does not cover these services.

If you are interested in these services, you may not be able to use your insurance and our usual fees are higher because more time is required. If you have any questions regarding what services are provided please fill out our Integrative Holistic Appointment Request Form or contact our office for more information.

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