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Treatment resistant psychiatric disorders

Have antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications not been helpful? Maybe your medication helped for a while then stopped working? Side effects of your medicine outweigh the benefits? Counseling and other non-medication treatments fail to bring you the relief you expected?

You are not alone. While many people with mood and anxiety disorders improve with most traditional medications, less than 70% experience full remission of their symptoms. And those numbers do not reflect the many more where medicines stop working or cause side effects that significantly impact one’s quality of life.

At Psychatlanta, we offer those with difficult to treat or treatment resistant psychiatric disorders a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning option. Assessments are by one of our board -certified psychiatrists and typically take between 60-90 minutes and depending on the complexity of the condition. These assessments may place over several visits or involve diagnostic testing not typically utilized in treating less complex cases.

We have more time to carefully review your history, past medication trials, lifestyle contributors, and possible confounding medical issues that could interfere with previous and current treatment. Our treatment recommendations may involve less commonly used medications, off label therapies, innovative medications such as ketamine, ketamine (Spravato), or treatments in clinical trial stages not accessible other than through participation in a research study.

We offer various types of integrative/holistic testing that can pick up nutritional deficiencies, intestinal absorption or permeability issues, or food/environment allergies/sensitivity that may play a role in your symptoms.

Unfortunately, because of the extensive time required to complete these assessments and with the use of off -label diagnostic tools and treatment strategies, this service is not covered by insurance. Patients will have the option of using insurance for follow-up care within the practice after the TRD assessments are completed. Contact us or fill out the Treatment Resistant New Patient Form for appointments and more information.


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