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Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations are extended appointments lasting typically 45- 60 minutes with a focus on understanding the problems you are currently experiencing as well as your past medical and mental health history and other important background information. The evaluations are done by a board -certified psychiatrist or clinical nurse specialist with advanced training in psychiatry with a specialty background in assessing and treating the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.

We want to make sure there are no medical issues that could be causing or worsening your current mental health symptoms. We may order laboratory tests if needed to rule out any contributing physical conditions. We may suggest other types of testing such as psychological and neuropsychological, genetic, and nutritional testing to name a few.

We will share our thoughts with you on our diagnostic impressions and make treatment suggestions which could include counseling, medications, and/or lifestyle changes. We believe in partnering with our patients to find treatment options that are effective, practical, and agreeable to you.  We are able to manage most psychiatric conditions in our practice but if we feel that there are better treatment resources out there we will present those options to you as well. Our doctors and clinical nurse specialists are the best trained and most experienced clinicians in the community so be assured you will be getting the most comprehensive, informed, and compassionate care available.


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