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Medication Management

Our psychiatrists and clinical nurse specialist with advanced training in psychiatry can assess and prescribe psychiatric medications to help manage most all psychiatric conditions. Our providers have the highest level of expertise in psychopharmacology (the use of psychiatric medications as well as other medical treatments) including ketamine, Spravato (ketamine), vagal nerve stimulator (VNS), and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  We have been conducting clinical research trials for over 25 years and have been instrumental in the development of most psychiatric medications on the market today. Additionally, we are affiliated with Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and are a training ground for their medical students and residents. Our doctors lecture around the country on the use of current medications and innovation therapies in development.

While we believe that medication can be an important part of management mental health disorders, we also feel that medication is not generally the only solution. Counseling, lifestyle changes, and integrative/holistic treatments play an important role in prevention and treatment of mental health disorders. If you want to avoid or minimize psychiatric medication use we will work with you to discuss other evidence based therapies that may help. Sometimes these therapeutic interventions can be used in lieu of medicine or, if medication is necessary, can be used in conjugation to speed up the time to recovery and maximize response.

There are many medication treatment options available today. If you have had medications in the past that have caused undesirable side effects or not been helpful, let us work with you to present other options that you may not have tried before. They may be additional recommendations we can offer that as well may make this experience better than those you have had in the past.


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