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New Patients

Before Your First Appointment

If you were contacted by our office that we can help and you would like to make a new appointment with us, please fill out the following forms in advance if you can. This will save you time at that first visit and will ensure you have all the information at hand to make that first session most beneficial.

Consent Form 

Contact and Consent Form

If you have information from other doctors or therapists including current and past medical records, laboratory results, testing reports, or simply want to give permission for us to be able to communicate with them, please fill out the following form:

Medical Records Sending

  • If you have been on psychiatric medication before, visit our website www.pastmeds.com and complete information on past medication trials. This is a confidential website which allows us to see what has and hasn’t worked for you before and will give us more time with you to focus on other information
  • If using insurance, check with your insurance carrier before making an appointment to make sure we are on your plan so you know what your expected copay will be. We can help you with this process as well but we want to make sure here are no surprises for you at that first visit. Navigating though your insurance benefits can be very complicated, particularly when it comes to mental health benefits so we encourage you to talk with someone with your insurance company knowledgeable about benefits.
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