Dr. Einhorn was licensed in 1983 after receiving his doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University. He has specialized training in pediatric and adult neuropsychology, gerontology, school psychology, forensic psychology and EMDR. He has a strong interest in treating Asperger’s Disorder.


Dr. Boston was born and raised in South FL. Her humble beginnings encouraged a sense of self-determination that fueled her educational pursuits. During her matriculation, she discovered psychological testing, and she became fascinated by the science of it as well as it utility for helping her clients gain clarity and understanding about the different obstacles they face. Dr. Boston’s underprivileged background provides her the unique ability to relate to and understand the social and individual constructs that challenge individuals from disadvantaged circumstances. Furthermore, her personal and professional social circles have afforded the experience of learning and understanding mental health issues as faced by people from various backgrounds.

Quick Profile

  • Name :
  • Marc Einhorn, Psy.D
  • Phone:
  • (404) 401- 0555
  • Appointments:
  • Please call or email for appointment requests


  • Attorney Consultations
  • Peer Review
  • Neuropsychological and psychological injury
  • Re-adjustment after brain injury for patients and family to understand cognitive and possible personality changes and expectations
  • Immigration / USCIS Examinations
  • School psychology - all aspects (former school psychologist)
  • PTSD- acute and chronic are different
  • Asperger disorder- diagnosis and treatment
  • Sports Performance
  • Public Speaking


  • Sliding Scale
  • Accepts work's compensation fees
  • Does not accept insurance assignments but will assist with insurance claims
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